About Maure Tanafon



So, I write. I’ve started getting my stuff out there… relatively recently, so I don’t have an impressive list yet. But I’ve got a few things published (some of which you can read below!) and more, hopefully, on the way.

I (occasionally) write a (currently rather stalled) serial novel, Mostly Dead Girlsthat can be found by clicking on the title; of a world where all the terrible things that happen in horror movies are part of day-to-day life, and a live girl and a dead one unite against a manipulative villain with very weird plans.

My latest short story resides in the currently-getting-Kickstarted Crows On Heartstrings, an anthology of doomed love stories that could use some non-doomed love (hint hint). If you want to read something of mine to get a feeling for whether you’d like to pay for more, then –

Start With These:

Trollbooth, published April 1, 2015 with Crossed Genres. 1,921 words. Fairytale horror.

A girl goes into the woods to save her step-siblings and makes a deal with a troll.

 I went out to the woods to begin bargaining. I did not entreat the fairies, or speak a word in the human tongue; I did not pound the trees, or so much as crush a fern beneath my foot. I knelt by the standing stone near the edge of the woods, breathing slow and deep to gather my courage, and used a polished rock from my collection to knock out one of my teeth. 

Repairs, published Feb. 26, 2015 with Daily Science Fiction. 631 words, sci-fi.

A robot and a scientist, after the end of the world.

She reached out and touched Robot’s face, and said “Status,” tiredly, as if she didn’t expect a reply.
“Damage critical,” Robot croaked. “Advise destruction.”
That had the opposite effect they had been expecting; the Scientist’s face lit up.
“No,” she said, mouth pulling into a smile. “You’re fixable.”

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