I’m a writer and extremely picky reader; born in Seattle, grew up in Joe Hill country and currently reside in Cincinnati. I like weird things, in fiction and life. I believe in having stories full of queer characters, so the villains don’t feel lonely, and sometimes letting the villains be the main characters. I believe in monsters, and people who decide to stay monsters and people who decide they want to transform into something else. I believe romantic love is overrated but people need to find other people to be kind to.

hope that there’s a monster in a lake somewhere that I’ll eventually form a crime-solving duo with.

Call me Sebastian.

My current novel WIP is Heart, Hands, Bone, a mess of a fairytale story; not a retelling, just something I planted in fairytale mulch that grew totally out of control. My published short stories can be found below.

Happy reading!


Published Stories

Trollbooth, published April 2015 with Crossed Genres. Fantasy horror.

I knelt by the standing stone near the edge of the woods, breathing slow and deep to gather my courage, and used a polished rock from my collection to knock out one of my teeth. 


Repairs, published February 2015 with Daily Science Fiction. Sci-fi.

She reached out and touched Robot’s face, and said “Status,” tiredly, as if she didn’t expect a reply.
Interred with Their Bones, published January 2017 in Mythic Delirium 3.3. Horror.
The Thing, in the end, doesn’t come from the coffin.

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