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Rejection Tracking 2k17

So, as we enter into this bizarre and very horrifying yet somehow awesome year, I’ve decided to set a goal for number of rejections. Due to a difficult personal life and general creeping dread, I’ve had pretty severe writer’s block and very little energy to send stuff out (plus, there was That One Story that I loved that everyone liked but nobody wanted to buy) so my output dropped to… zero. But this is the year of Getting On Top Of Things, and I’m armed with a new handful of short stories/short story ideas, and they’re probably going to get rejected A LOT, so I’m going to face it with as much chill as possible.

This year, barring the apocalypse, I’m aiming for 50 rejections.

I’ll update this page with them as I get them, for my own reference and for anyone who gets comfort/schadenfreude from reading about my rejections.

Rejection 1/50: Featherweight, roughly 5k words, fantasy, from Apex. Don’t recall the exact turnaround time because I didn’t write it down. Form rejection.

Rejection 2/50: Featherweight, from Liminal Stories.  15 day turnaround (Jan 13 to Jan 28). Polite form rejection.

Rejection 3/50: The Raven and the Whale, from Metaphorosis. 1 day turnaround (ouch). Brief feedback attached to a form rejection.

Rejection 4/50: Featherweight, from Strange Horizons. Roughly 2 week turnaround; didn’t keep perfect track.